Our Approach

We believe in the original intent of preventive medicine: to improve patient outcomes while reducing cost. Our approach focuses on delivering a solution where the patient, physician, and payer, all win.

Wellness Solutions, Personalized

We offer a variety of solutions that help fit the needs of all patients.

Annual Wellness Visits

Practice Engagement

Patient Engagement

Custom Solutions

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Annual Wellness Visit Option

We understand that every practice and organization is different. That’s why we offer a variety of options for our clients. We’re here to help you improve patient satisfaction and reduce overall healthcare costs while helping people live healthier lives.

Software Only Software & Scheduling

Training and software for the practice to manage the entire Annual Wellness Visit from start to finish.

Gather the medicare patient roster.

Software that generates a personalized, preventive care plan for the physician and patient.

Checking the eligibility of the patients and determining who is eligible for the G0438 or G0439.


Contacting and scheduling patients on behalf of the physician.


Provide ongoing training to in-office staff

Welltality’s AWV assessment utilizes a unique five-step process, comprising all key components.


Medical history & demographics


Psychological & behavioral risks


Cognitive & health self-assessments


Medication management


Activity & advanced care planning

Positive Patient Outcomes Are Easy With Welltality

Our Capabilities
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Welltality offers customizable solutions to drive positive outcomes for physician practices, payers, health systems nationwide. Our team works closely with your team to develop solutions that drive greater patient satisfaction and revenue.

Our Technologies
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Healthcare technologies offer opportunities for innovation in patient health. Welltality is a software company with a purpose. Our team focuses on building positive outcomes through innovative software solutions – whether our off-the-shelf applications or custom solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Our Values
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Welltality was created with a vision focused on wellness. Every team member embodies the Welltality spirit of a mission to deliver a positive impact for people, healthcare, and the organizations which value health.

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